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Compulsory Mixers (Cyclone Mixers)

Forced action mixers – M series

M 180

Compulsory mixers (cyclone mixers) are used to mix dry, moist and wet mixtures. The main advantage is the perfect mixing of the individual components of the mixture over a short period of time (the speed of mixing is 4-5 higher compared to the normal drum mixer) which guarantees a high quality of the final mixture.

Compulsory mixers are suitable for the mixing of refractory concrete mixes that are designed for firebrick linings, for instance, in foundry furnaces, blast furnaces, heating plant boilers, coke-oven batteries and chimneys in the metallurgical and chemical industries. Compulsory mixers are also used to mix a wide range of construction materials in the construction industry, namely plastering, grout, and repair mixtures.

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Forced action mixers – MH series

The MH series of forced action mixers (pan mixers) mix dry, wet and moist mixtures. The prime advantage is the high performance robust construction that can mix the most demanding materials such as refractory mixtures. The MH series of forced circulation mixers is also recommended for industrial mixing of mixtures in demanding operational conditions (manufacturing lines, operations with further work shifts).

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Forced action mixers – MR series

compulsory mixer M250RCompulsory mixer M250R has been specially developed for mixing rubber granulates and other light-weight mixtures. The prime advantage compared with traditional drum mixtures is the fast and complete mixing of individual mixture elementsand simple cleaning thanks to demountable mixing part

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Forced action mixers – ML series

ML_150_IMG_1331_150x123The ML 150 forced action mixer is recommended for mixing a wide range of construction substances, e.g. plastering, injection and rehabilitation mixtures, adhesives, wiping layers, etc. The main feature is the fast speed of the preparation of the mixture and the low weight that enables easy transport and handling.

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