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Forced action mixers – ML series

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Area of use

The ML 150 series of forced action mixers (pan mixers) mix dry, wet and moist mixtures. The MH series of pan mixers mix dry, wet and moist mixtures. The prime advantage compared with traditional drum mixtures is the fast and complete mixing of individual mixture elements.
The ML 150 forced circulation mixture is recommended for mixing a wide range of construction substances, e.g. plasters, injection and rehabilitation mixtures, glues, wiping layers, concrete and walling mixtures (mortars), etc.

Principle of functioning


A pan mixer functions on the principle of mixing blades rotating at high speeds around the axis of the static mixing tank. The mixing is done using three or four mixing blades which simultaneously wipe the mixture from the side and the whole bottom of the mixing vessel. The mixing blades are fitted with rubber wipers.

Mixtures are filled through the screen in the mixture cap which is fitted with a tearing comb for balled mixtures. The mixed materials are discharged by turning the sliding segment on the bottom of the vessel.
The mixing arms are driven by the maintenance-free front electric gearbox. To ensure maximum safety, safety elements are used – under-voltage release and terminal switch which disconnects the engine if the mixer cap is opened.

Technical data

Parameter ML  150
Volume of the tank [l] 179
Maximum utility volume [l] 145
Electric engine output [kW] 2,2
Voltage [V] 400
Torque moment [Nm] 447
Mixer revolutions [rpm] 47
Maximum graining of material [mm] 10
Weight [kg] 130


  • Complete and fast mixing of individual mixture components
  • low weight enabling easy transport and handling
  • mixing blades fitted with rubber wipers to prevent fast wearing and damage
  • use of reinforced safety elements (under-voltage release, terminal switch)
  • operation requiring minimum maintenance
  • low operation and the maintenance costs

Areas of use – examples

Maximum mixed volume according to individual types of the mixture:
(values are only approximate and may differ depending on the volume of water used)

  • BAUMIT BETON B20, graining 0-4 mm: 178 kg, 98 litres
  • HASIT 160 – line plaster, graining 0-1 mm: 198 kg, 145 litres
  • HASIT 210 – core rehabilitation plaster, graining 0-4 mm: 182.5 kg, 137 litres
  • HASIT 212 – core rehabilitation plaster, graining 0-0.5 mm: 152.5 kg, 107 litres
  • HASIT 950 M5 – masonry mortar, graining 0-4 mm: 173 kg, 85 litres
  • C1T OPTIMA – sealing binder: 90 kg

The following types of mixtures can be prepared in the ML 150 mixer:

  • Rehabilitation concrete
  • Fine concrete
  • Artificial stone
  • Tile mixtures
  • Rehabilitation mortars
  • Repair mortar PCC and SPCC
  • Coatings
  • Powder glue
  • Mineral plasters
  • Acoustic plasters
  • Polymeric plasters
  • Clay plasters
  • Epoxy and polyurethane flooring
  • Epoxy resins
  • Rubber granulates
  • Filter sands


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