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Forced action mixers – MH series

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Area of use

The MH series of forced action mixers (pan mixers) mix dry, wet and moist mixtures. The prime advantage of pan mixer is the high performance robust construction that can mix the most demanding materials such as refractory mixtures. The MH series of forced circulation mixers is also recommended for industrial mixing of mixtures in demanding operational conditions (manufacturing lines, operations with further work shifts).

Principle of functioning

A pan mixer functions on the principle of mixing blades rotating at high speeds around the axis of the static mixing tank. The mixing is done using mixing blades which simultaneously wipe the mixture from the side and the whole bottom of the mixing vessel. The mixing blades can be adjusted for height and to the sides and can be fitted with rubber wipers. The mixing blades are driven by a cone-face electric gearbox that requires only minimum maintenance. Models with an engine output of 7.5 kW or more are equipped with a soft-starter to ensure fluent running of the blades following activation of the mixer . To ensure maximum operator safety, the following safety elements are used – an under-voltage release and terminal switch that disconnects the engine in the case that the mixer cap is opened. All MH series mixers are supplied with replaceable lining for the mixing vessel (the bottom and walls up to the utility mixing height) and tiltable blades. The lining can be produced from standard or special abrasion-proof material (HARDOX). According to the type of mixing mixtures, the mixers can be fitted with different types of stirring blades:

Order-based modifications:

  • solid upper mesh cover (for use with dusty materials), this can be produced according to the requirements of the client (e.g. opens as one part / 1:1 / 2:1)
  • special connections for dosing individual mixture components (e.g. water, silo or conveyor belt material, etc.)
  • automatic opening and closing using the actuator
  • hydraulic closing of the upper cap.

Technical data

Parameter MH  250 MH 400 MH 550 MH 750 MH 950
Volume of the tank [l] 487 646 1005 1246 1475
Max. usable volume [l] 246 400 552 756 950
El. motor output [kW] 7,5 7,5/9,2 11/15 18,5/22 30
Voltage [V] 400 400 400 400 400
Revolution of the mixer [rev/min] 30 30 30 30 23
Max. granulation of the material [mm] 32 32 32 32 32
Weight [kg] 605 700 1160 1390 1960


  • high performance enabling mixing of heavy, adhesive and abrasive materials
  • fast and complete mixing of individual mixture components
  • variability of mixers enabling mixing of various mixture types
  • soft starter for fluent running of blades
  • special cap construction to prevent mixture escape
  • use of reinforced safety elements (under-voltage release, terminal switch)
  • robust construction enabling to work under demanding conditions
  • low operation and maintenance costs.


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