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Filamos – Mining and Construction Technology

Concrete spraying machine SSB 02.1 DUO Compulsory mixer M 250 NEW Concrete spraying machine SSB 24.1 COM-A M2 (suspension frame)

Grouting and Plastering machines

Grouting and plastering screw-type pumps – series C / CM / CA/

F_CM20_COM_V_webGrouting and plastering screw-type pumps are used for injecting, plastering (application), transport and grouting of fine wet mixtures, especially grouting mixtures, fine plaster materials, fillers, skimming compounds, insulation coating, etc. In our production programme we offer a wide range of models with the transport performance of 6–50 l/min and pressure of 1.3–3.5 MPa.

Detailed information about grouting and plastering pumps..

Grouting piston pumps – series IC

Grouting piston pumps are designed for high-pressure injection of cement, betonite and chemical mixtures in the area of special foundations construction (micro-piles injection, anchor grouting, foundation ground sealing, filler grouting), underground constructions and in the area of rehabilitation of concrete structures (concrete and masonry filler injection).

Detailed information about grouting piston pumps.

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