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Grouting pump – IC 100

Area of use

Grouting pump IC 100 is designed for injection of cement and bentonite mixtures in the area of special foundations construction (micro-piles injection, anchor grouting, foundation ground sealing, filler grouting) and in the area of rehabilitation of concrete structures (concrete and masonry filler injection).

Working principle

The IC 100 grouting pump is an electrohydraulic double-acting plunger pump. IC 100The hydraulic part consists of a hydroelectric generator with continuous control, an electrohydraulic distributor and hydraulic motor. Pressure control in the hydraulic system is ensured by a safety valve. Oil temperature in the hydraulic circuit is controlled by a hydraulic cooler, which is turned on automatically after the pre-set limit temperature (65 °C) is reached.

The working part consists of a working cylinder with four ball check valves, which are connected to the suction and discharge pipe. The discharge pipe is fitted with a manometer wit oil protection and a screw unions for high-pressure hoses.

The electric part consists of a distributor with Start and Stop buttons for common operation. The Central Stop button is used as a safety feature. The direction of the movement of the cylinder plunger is controlled by two induction sensors.
The correct rotation direction is controlled by phase sequence control.

In its basic version, the IC 100 pump is fitted with a mechanical working cylinder cycle counter, which makes it possible to derive indirectly the volume of the injected mixture.

Technical specifications

Parameter IC 100
Max. output [l/min] 75
Max. pressure [MPa] 7,5
Volume of mixture pumped in one cycle [l] 3
Maximum granularity [mm] 0,5
Maximum mixture volume weight [kg/l] 2
Electric motor input [kW] 7,5
Outlet DN 25
Length [mm] 1200
Width [mm] 800
Height [mm] 850
Weight (with oil charge) [kg] 480


  • continuous output control in full extent (hydraulic control pump)
  • high output (up to 75 l/min)
  • high working pressure (up to 7.5 MPa)
  • compact size (120 x 80 cm)
  • automatic hydraulic circuit cooling (hydraulic cooler)
  • electronic control of the working part movement (induction sensors)
  • monitoring of volume pumped (cycle counter)


Production Programme

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