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Dosing pump – DC series

Field of Application

The dosing pumps of “DC” series are used for dosing of liquid admixtures into the flow of concrete when technology of spraying concrete in dry or wet way is employed.

The liquid admixture is used during wet shotcreting to shorten time of concrete hardening, to increase the resistance of concrete at low temperatures, and the like.

Working Principle

The principle of the “DC” series dosing pump is a hose pump, the main priority of which is exact dosing without backstroke, easy maintenance, ability to run empty, long serviceability, and self-priming ability (up to 9.5 m).

The dosing pump is driven by an electrical motor with frequency invertor which makes it possible to control the amount of batch whereas the existing amount of batch is indicated on a digital display (in l/hour). The pump can be used for dosing of a liquid admixture itself (when spraying by the so-called wet method) or dosing the liquid admixture and water (when spraying by the so-called dry method).

The dosing pump is equipped with a pressure switch turning off the operation of pump when the maximum pressure is exceeded (e.g. when the cock on the spray nozzle is closed), and conversely, the pump is automatically turned on with pressure decrease. The system of check valves, relief valves, and reduction valves inhibits the leakage of the admixture into the water sub-circuit.

Technical Data

Parameter DC 200
Output [l/h] 15 – 200
Max. pressure [bar] 7,5
Input power [kW] 1,1
Power supply system 3 NPE ~ 50 Hz
Weight[kg] 160
Length [cm] 103
Width [cm] 65
Height [cm] 80

It is suitable to use the dosing pump DC 200 with the concrete spraying machine SSB 14, SSB 05, SSB 24 or SSB 02, the maximum functional output of which reaches as many as 2 – 7 m3/hour.


  • Gradual and exact control of dosing
  • Visualization of operation on a digital display
  • Feasible to run empty
  • Self-priming capability
  • Easy maintenance
  • Long service life



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