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Concrete spraying machine SSB 14.1 COM-A M2 (rail) Plaster and mortar machine C 20 COM-V Plaster and mortar machine CM 50 COM-F

Power water regulator RTV 1

Field of Application

The power water regulator “RTV 1” is designed for pressure regulation of batch liquid (water) fed into spray nozzles of the machines for spraying concrete and refractory mixtures of SSB type. The machine can be used for regulation of water pressure also in other cases; however, it is necessary to consult suitability of the given application with the manufacturer of the equipment.

Working Principle

The liquid (water) is fed into the tank with a hose straight from the water feed delivery pipe. The liquid is fed from the pump into the spray nozzle of the concrete spraying machine (shotcreting machine) SSB. The unit is equipped with a check valve preventing possible rotation of the pump contrariwise after pumping is finished. For the sake of sudden interruption of liquid withdrawal, the distributing main is provided with a safety valve to feed the liquid back into the storage tank. It is possible to regulate the pressure of the liquid finely by means of a control valve. A pressure gauge to monitor the pressure of the liquid is used.

Technical Data

Parametr RTV 1
Maximum operating pressure [MPa] 1,2
Usage up to max. height, distance [m] 100
Maximum conveyed quantity [l/min] 60
Safety valve setting [MPa] 1,0
Tank capacity [l] 500
Input power [kW] 4
Machine weight (without charge) [kg] 430
Power supply system: 3NPE ~ 50Hz, 400V/TN-S
Main dimensions:
Width [mm] 780
Length (without the shaft) [mm] 1410
Height [mm] 1425



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