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„TTS“ Concrete Spraying Machines (Gunite machines)

Field of Application

The „TTS“ concrete and refractory spraying machines have been designed for spraying concrete and refractory mixtures in the so-called dry way when the transported mixture gets moistened at the moment of spraying. The main advantage of this technology of spraying concrete is, in particular, its top rate of discharge from the jet (up to 30 m/s) which enables perfect consolidation of the concrete mixture and high strength of the sprayed concrete.

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The „TTS“ concrete and refractory spraying machines are used, in particular, in the metallurgy and foundry industries to spray the lining of the steel furnaces, ladles, boilers, range of coke ovens and other units with refractory mixtures (refractories).

Due to their special construction, it is possible to carry out concrete spraying in cold and hot environments.

Working principle

The „TTS“ concrete and refractory spraying machines work on the principle of pneumatic transport when the dry mixture is pressed into the transport hoses or pipes (if hot) by the air pressure and it is transported into the spraying jet to the place of application. The mixture is moistened in the spraying jet by water (alternatively by water with a curing agent) led into it by a separate hose. The jet is operated by one of the service personnel.

The machine is filled with the dry mixture from the chute which has a screen and a separating comb. The pressure vessel is filled using the shut-off bell underneath the chute controlled by the service personnel.

The output of the machine can be regulated manually using the lever regulating the amount of the mixture going into the transport hose.

The concrete and refractory spraying machine works in cycles determined by the time of pressing the mixture out of the vessel and the time necessary for filling it up again. The volume of the pressure vessel amounts to 400, 600 or 800 litres depending on the model of the machine.

The machine does not require any other sources of power, apart from the compressed air.

Technical data

Parameter TTS-300 TTS-400 TTS-600 TTS-800
Volume of the pressure vessel [l] 300 400 600 800
Max. output [m3/h] 3
Max. granularity of the mixture [mm] 5
Max. transport distance – vertical [m] 20
Max. transport distance – horizontal [m] 50
Max. air pressure [MPa] 0,6
Air consumption [m3/min] 5
Max. moisture content of the mixture [%] 4
Inner diameter of the transport hose [mm] DN = 32,40,50
Parameter TTS-300 TTS-400 TTS-600 TTS-800
Length [mm] 1640 1630 1830 2030
Width [mm] 1060 1080 1080 1280
Height [mm] 1820 2150 2470 2800
Weight (no accessories) [kg] 632 710 765 835


  • using only the power of the compressed air
  • long service life of the machine – no rotating or other movable parts
  • robust constructions requiring only minimal maintenance
  • simple and easy handling
  • fast and simple termination of the operation without any demanding cleaning of the machine
  • smooth output regulation
  • the frame could be equipped with wheels to enable smooth transport to the place of usage
  • low operational and maintenance costs


All models of concrete spraying machines are in compliance with valid European Standards.



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