• Concrete Spraying Machines

    Concrete Spraying Machines

    Dry and wet method application
  • Compulsory Mixers

    Compulsory Mixers

    with utile volume in the range of 50 - 950 l
  • Grouting and Plastering machines

    Grouting and Plastering machines

    Screw and piston pumps for grouting
  • Representatives


    Representatives in more than 20 countries around the world

Company profile

FILAMOS, s. r. o. is an engineering company with a long tradition following in the footsteps of ZDM-ORTAS Příbram and VZUP Kamenná and their production programs. Our main focus is the manufacturing and development of specific construction and mining machinery.

The history of manufacturing goes back to the1960s when large deposits of pitchblende were discovered in the Příbram area. Special technology was needed to mine the uranium, and therefore a specialized development site was established there, the Development Base for the Uranium Industry (VZUP) together with a production plant, the Plant of Mining Mechanization (ZDM, later known as ORTAS). The development and production of mining and construction machinery flourished ever since and we are proud to continue this tradition and develop it further.