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The History of SSB Concrete Spraying Machines

The origin of concrete spraying (gunite) machines, also known as SSB machines, dates back to the early 1960’s. In former Czechoslovakia these machines were first developed and manufactured mainly for the uranium industry. As the technology of sprayed concrete became more widespread, these machines gradually found applications in the construction as well as the metallurgic industry.

The first SSB type concrete spraying machines worked on the principles of a continual dosing drum (rotor). Many years of development resulted in models with a rotary drum system:

All these machines were equipped with an electric engine or with an air turbine, the latter being designed for environments with the risk of methane explosion.

In response to the demand for smaller and more mobile equipment, SSB machines were developed at the turn of the 1980’s. They worked on the principle of a one-sided dosing drum.

In the course of time the following models were designed:

During the many years of their development the SSB machines appeared in a diverse variety of modifications used for specific purposes.

Contemporary Models

The current production program features a new generation of machines working on the principle of both a continuous and one-sided charging drum. This solution helps to cover a full range of sprayed concrete applications in a dry way. Moreover, special modifications make the innovated model of the SSB 02.1 machine also suitable for the wet spraying of concrete.

The list of currently manufactured models:

For detailed information on currently manufactured models go to the concrete spraying machines section.

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